Thursday, 19 July 2012

O2 Network Crash "We're not Better Connected"

Millions of O2 customers across the country were left stranded for 24 hours as the operator suffered a major network crash across the country. O2 customers were unable to make calls or send text messages. Some of them also complained of disruption in data usage services.

Company officials said that they were unable to comment on the exact number of customers who were affected but believed that thousands across the country might be experiencing difficulties.

O2 Britain’s number two mobile operator has a customer base of over 23 million. Mobile users were asked to check their social media feeds for the latest updates as access to the company’s website featuring live data on network coverage was also rendered inaccessible.

Company spokesperson added on later that the issue was not location specific and that it was connected to problems within the company’s core network. Attempts to pacify customers from the company’s end brought little respite as customers took to social media channels like Twitter to vent their displeasure.

O2 ended up offering a formal apology to its customers and Chief executive Richard Dunne said that the whole episode was a humiliating experience. He went on to add that the company will make all efforts to compensate its customers in some form for the troubles endured by them.

In times of tough competition among mobile operators for market leadership this 24 hour outage comes as a major blow to O2 whose punch line reads "We're better connected"


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