Saturday, 31 August 2013

Sign of the Times as Motorists Follow The Sat Nav's Wrong Directions

A Council in Cornwall is having problems with visiting tourists, more specifically tourists in cars blindly following their satellite navigation systems down narrow country roads, or taking them the wrong way down a one way street. This has got to be such a problem that temporary road signs have been put up for confused motorists, showing them the proper direction, and telling them to ignore the satnav. It would seem that even when scraping the sides of their cars through rutted country tracks, or heading down a one way slip road with cars coming towards them, motorists still follow the strident tones of the GPS instructor. Now Councillor Armand Toms, (plural for Tom-Tom?), is pushing for the traffic laws to be changed with the Highway Code to include satnav signs. Fellow council members at East Looes have also expressed concern following the opening of a new roundabout and one way system that managed to confuse some navigation devices sending motorists the wrong way heading straight into oncoming traffic. 

Mapping out the right route 

Blame cannot be fully placed on the “eye in the sky” as it is the motorist who is responsible for the control and direction of their car. And yet it is amazing how people let technology steer them as they move from point to point. There are some brilliant devices out there in the marketplace at the moment with new products coming on line almost daily. No wonder the consumer is bemused and bedazzled by the range and application of the gadgets that can be purchased to make our lives simpler. It becomes all too easy, however, to forget about peering over the rim of your laptop, or looking up from tapping away on the mobile to take stock of the world going on around you. Sometimes you come up against obstacles and dangers before it is too late to realise what is going on and collisions occur. 

Keeping it simple 

Don’t get me wrong – I think technology, access to the web, information and updates are great and I use them as guidance points to help guide me around the various hurdles and obstructions that I come up against on a daily basis. I interact with friends and family thousands of miles away at the click or two of a button and I wouldn’t change that for the world. But I am choosy about what and who I take advice from, and when I need some help I want to access it as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is where iRateiSlate comes in as an extra pair of eyes keeping me informed of potential pitfalls, updating me on the latest consumer advice and support, without having to trawl through a mountain of information to find what I want. Nor does it sound like the bossy third form English teacher every time you log on for a little direction and support.

We all need a little signposting from time to time but ultimately it is up to us to be in control of what is happening and the route we take. Passing on invaluable advice and feedback on our experiences, along with praising good service and getting a response to our complaints in a simple, effective manner that costs us nothing, has to be the ultimate consumer service for me. What do you think?


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