Sunday, 29 September 2013

Fraudsters Forge an Interest in Latest Credit Card Scam

The governments are not the only people with a keen interest in our post boxes at the moment, with the beginnings of privatization of the Royal Mail. Out in the rural areas of Cheshire, fraudsters have started to target villagers’ external post boxes. 

The latest scam that has been highlighted by police, involve criminals going through a householder’s external mail box in order to gain personal data about the resident. They then use this information to register for a credit card. Then by keeping an eye on postal deliveries, they steal the cards and then use them to order expensive goods, on cards registered under the unsuspecting home owner’s name. 

Unsuspecting consumers billed for goods they never ordered 

This is only just starting to come to light as one unlucky individual found out when a card was put through his door by a delivery company, who had tried to deliver cameras and other equipment worth around £9,000, all under his name, and none of which he had ordered. This scam is now on the increase with a number of people reporting they have been getting deliveries that they knew nothing about. One scam merchant tried to collect a parcel from the sorting office but fortunately staff became suspicious and didn’t hand the parcel over. 

Postal workers unable to strike back 

So now we have to be aware not only about what we throw out in the refuse or recycling, in case it contains our personal details, but also keep a lock on our post boxes, in case we are being targeted at the front as well as the back door. The post box has been under a great deal of scrutiny lately, as on 27 September the sale of shares in Royal Mail started, with members of the public being able to apply for shares online until 8th October. 

In case we all being feeling grateful for the opportunity to be offered a piece of what technically is “public property”, it is worth pointing out that by starting the share sale now, then it is more or less guaranteed that the Royal Mail will be in the private sector before the workers have a chance to strike over this sale. It will be very interesting to see if a private company or companies can match up to this very unique “one price goes anywhere” daily delivery organization. So, whilst we are trying to keep an eye on our post boxes and protect from would be fraudsters and scammers, maybe we also need to reflect on what else the future holds once the Royal Mail leaves the realm of the public sector.


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