Sunday, 22 September 2013

UK Home Office “Go Home” Vans On Collision Course Yet Again

Last month the Home Office took the unprecedented step of sending mobile billboards out around the streets of London, basically telling illegal immigrants to this country to Go Home, (which is supposing they still have a home to go back to).The vans were only driven around London for one week but the ripple effect caused by throwing this particular large pebble in the pond, is still being felt. On 14th September, French designer Fabien Delage, was in the news as apparently the Home Office had used his “Plane Crash” font without permission on the side of the hoardings.

The Home Office are trying to contact the copyright owner, to sort out this most recent dispute about its immigration tactics, in order to reach an agreement. I must say though, that the font being used namely “Plane Crash” seemed particularly apt in this context. However you stand on the issue of immigration, there would seem to be better ways to go about advising those who are here illegally, to reconsider their UK habitation. 

Font of all knowledge? 

Mr Delage feels that his business may be in jeopardy due to the linkage with this particular campaign, but until it was pointed out, I would say it was the meaning of the words that I focussed on, not necessarily the form or shape of the printed words. The designer of the font, whose fonts are free for personal use, stated that his partners and customers feel he is linked to the UK campaign which has been, in his words, very unpopular abroad. He is now seeking financial recompense and the Home Office are following up on the ownership and copyright of the font. 

Capital venture not countrywide investment 

Human Rights group Liberty took the opportunity to send out its own van, and union Unite are looking into whether the UK government acted illegally, and stirred up racial hatred. The Immigration Minister rose to the defence of the vans saying that it was more about making it more difficult for people to work illegally in the UK. Surely, illegal workers don’t all migrate to London so if that was the case, why didn’t they have a van in every major city across the country?

Probably because this was just a testing of the waters to see what reaction they got?
Or they may feel there is a cost issue involved?

Both ways, they have paid quite dearly for their little “experiment”, and if Monsieur Delage wins his case, they are going to have to pay out a lot more (sorry did I say they? As bona fide taxpayers, then we shall be the ones footing the bill- yet again)

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