Friday, 18 October 2013

Campaign to Stop Insurance Companies Treating Honest Claimants like Criminals

It is about time consumer forums in the UK focused more on the process of the claim, particularly for honest claimants with real problems, who are being treated with suspicion, when they have to call upon their insurers to do the job they paid them for in the first place. We have dealing with one such case on this site where due to the treatment proffered to one of our claimants. For six years the claimant used a broker to arrange insurance cover for a courier business, until deciding to accept a slightly cheaper deal direct with one of our larger insurance companies.

Insurance Policy cancelled whilst Ombudsman rules in Claimants favour.

MoreThan were happy to accept the fee to insure company vehicles until it came to the time when an accident, not caused by the claimant’s staff, resulted in a claim being submitted. Then came weeks of delay, one hour long telephone interviews with the claimant’s driver, from a company that MoreThan use to “investigate” claims, and questioning of the claimant, with the insurer wanting information that was irrelevant to the claim pending.

Then MoreThan cancelled his policy and gave contradictory reasons for doing so even though, the company they brought in to investigate, advised  it was a solid claim and they should honour it. After a delay that cost our claimant more in time than the vehicle was worth, he decided to take his case up with the Ombudsman. This was after the Customer Service Manager of MoreThan had ignored his communication, until the Managing Director and CEO got involved.

 Now the Ombudsman has ruled in his favour but this is not the end of the story. The vehicle involved in the accident, became the property of More Than and he was told to return any documentation pertaining to the vehicle and let the DVLA know, which he did.

A catalogue of disaster and appalling customer service

Then, he received a letter from Copart, the  company Morethan liaised with, to take the vehicle, telling him that they had made attempts to deliver the vehicle back to him without success and they were going to start charging him storage costs for it, which he would have to pay before they released the vehicle back to him.

A vehicle he doesn’t own, has sent off all the official documentation to say he doesn’t own it , and fortunately copied all documents before posting them. Even more fortunately the Ombudsman is aware of this latest piece of gross inefficiency and will be contacting the insurance company to make sure our claimant does not get left with a large bills for storage costs.
We pay our money in good faith, we check our policies and we make sure that we have the appropriate insurance in place for peace of mind. To our way of thinking then insurance companies should not invalidate policies or refuse claims that have been investigated and found in favour of the claimant.

We are taking this further but we need to hear from you!

What we want is a streamlined and standardised professional service, where each claimant is taken at face value, when there is clear evidence of a genuine claim. And together we can push for this to happen, but it needs more momentum and feedback from the paying customer. We at iRateiSlate, can and will take on your concerns but we need actual examples and case studies from you to move this forward.
Contact us now, it is quick, it is free of charge and we WILL make sure your voice is heard and action taken.
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