Friday, 8 November 2013

Internet Christmas shopping - don’t Yule Log into a Festive Fraud

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, please to put a penny in the old scammers hat. No sooner have the fireworks have fizzled out and the last sparklers have been dropped in a bucket of water, than the Yuletide activities begin in earnest. Sadly this does not just mean struggling to get the tree and tinsel from the loft, start peeling and boiling the sprouts for the Big Day, and tossing a coin to see whose turn it is to have the in-laws this year, but the beginning of the Festive Frauds.

Happ-E Christmas Greetings that cost more than the price of a stamp
It is inevitable that several will involve internet scams with so many people logging on line and ordering their Christmas presents, in fact this December it has been estimated that UK consumers will spend over £10 billion on line in one month alone. This will be the first ever time the ten billion pound mark has been breached in a calendar month so the majority of Christmas money scams will be via the internet.

Several of the old chestnuts worth looking out for are the fake charity appeals via email, which then take you to a so called legitimate site where your personal details will be used to line the pockets of someone else, so more of a worthless than worthwhile cause.  E-Christmas cards which are a great way to send out a celebratory message, but the perky red breasted bird perched on top of the dancing snowman could be “robin” you in more ways than one. If you get an email purporting to be selling e-greetings, check before you click, as yet again the scammers direct you to a site where you input your personal details and you are in the red.
Ring any alarm bells?

Deliveries and parcels will be on their way and last week in one county in the East of England, Trading Standards were reporting a scam where mobile phones are ordered in someone else’s name, they get delivered to the individuals door and a little while later, a person arrives to claim the parcel has been misdelivered. You naturally hand it over as you hadn't ordered anything and guess what, the fraudsters have a high old time running up the costs all in your name.
If you do happen to be on the receiving end of any suspicious activity then please report it as the more people who raise awareness, the more likely it is the scam merchants can be stopped. Contact either your local County Council Trading Standards department, the police if you believe a crime has taken place or via Action Fraud if you have any concerns whatsoever.

Just off to top up the water up on the old sprouts, but if you have had any sort of problems with shopping on line then let us know at iRateiSlate so we can help shut down frauds and scams that blight the lives of so many consumers.


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