Friday, 1 November 2013

Rocketing cost of fireworks for Bonfire Night Celebrations

“Remember, Remember the Fifth of November, Gunpowder Treason and Plot”,  along with a “Penny for the Guy” (or more like a fiver if you are anything like the pint sized entrepreneur’s that trundle their wares up and down our street), means we are fast approaching Bonfire Night quicker than an exploding rocket. It also highlights the one time of year that we do actually have money to burn, as the cost of even a small family sized box of Whizz Bang Specials reaches ever growing proportions.

So I was pleasantly surprised to pick up a goodly assortment of squibs, rockets, Catherine Wheels and firecrackers at around twelve pounds less than the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) This was from a very reputable store, one of the most well-known brands of fireworks and only sold to me after I had been given a safety leaflet and confirmed that I would be storing and using said pyrotechnics in a safe and responsible manner.

How can we confirm Recommended Retail Pricing is genuine?

On the way home after picking up the flame thrower and do it yourself incendiary kit, (not true but just checking you are still reading this all the way through) I pondered on the difference between RRP and the price sold. What guarantee do we have as consumers that the RRP is say £24.99 and yet we can purchase the goods at £13.99?

The legislation states that manufacturers can only suggest a RRP which is the price they think the retailer should sell at (there is an exception being the maximum retail price on some goods under strict limitation when the manufacturer puts them “on offer”). However the RRP could be inflated and set higher by the manufacturer because they want to lure the retailer in with the thought of making a big profit, or make the retailer and the consumer think they can sell it at a reduced price or as a bargain deal.
Draft Consumer Reform Bill sparks off debates around pricing legislation

We do have legislation in place to protect us as consumers but the more I delve into the pricing legislation the more convoluted it seems to be. Fortunately we are on the verge of a draft consumer reform bill that seeks to hopefully make a lot of this legislation a lot clearer. In the meantime I will take on trust that the manufacturer’s products I support and the retailers I choose to patronize do have a responsible attitude to RRP and costs along with having the interests of the loyal consumer at heart.
So as I light the blue touch paper of debate and retire to a safe distance before the barrage of comments explodes upon the iRateiSlate site may I take this opportunity to  wish you a safe and healthy and economical November 5th.


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