Saturday, 16 November 2013

The definitive Chill Pill -Two ice creams and a couple of aspirin

Tesco’s are recalling packages of its own chocolate and nut ice cream cones after pain relief tablets were found in two separate packs of Choc and Nut vanilla flavoured ice creams. Consumers have been asked to check their freezers and see if they have any of this home brand product with a best before date of up to and including July 2014. 

The supermarket chain are in discussion with its suppliers to  see if there has been any problems from the start of the production chain, and so far, they had not been told if the products had been tampered with, either at the suppliers or during delivery to retail stores.

Every little helps!

It does beg the question of why headache and pain relief tablets are being pushed into ice cream cones as they are certainly not illegal drugs, nor are you likely to have your handbag raided by the police for carrying a packet of aspirin. Were they concealed in the wafers during production because some kind soul thought about those of us with sensitive teeth, which are painful if you chew down onto frozen ice cream? Wouldn't it have made more sense to squeeze in some of that special toothpaste instead, or perhaps there wasn't any to hand and the best they came up with, was a painkiller?

Not that I am advocating the addition of any prescribe drug or medication into food or drink products, but it would have made more sense to sellotape a headache tablet to a bottle of wine for example or a couple of cans of lager. Or perhaps slip an unused Elastoplast into a pair of new shoes to help cope with the blisters if they are trying to be really helpful.

Consumer watchdog working with Tesco’s on recall of products

The Food Standards Agency are working with Tesco’s, who are doing everything they can to recall this product for further checking. Finding a painkiller in your ice cream is not so serious for adults, but for children this is another matter. Contaminants that have been placed deliberately, or accidentally, into food for public consumption is not new. Back in 1855 in Bradford, sweets were found to be poisoned with arsenic, in the 1950’s, mercury poisoning in fish in Japan was found to come from industrial contamination and arsenic was inadvertently found in milk powder in the same country.

More recently in January this year, horse meat contaminated burgers were on sale in the UK and Ireland, which again led to warnings for consumers and a great many complaints against the food companies involved.  Also in May, halal lamb burgers, containing samples of pork DNA, were found in school meals in 19 schools around the Leicester area.

If this latest food news is accidental or deliberate, those responsible will soon be found out, and if it was deliberate then I am not sure what people are hoping to gain by it. Tesco’s are offering full refunds for any stock returned, having the best before dates they have published, and anyone who is worried can call their 0800 Customer Service Help Line for further advice. If you have found any unusual hidden extras in your food or drink, then let us know along with what the purchaser or supplier did about it, looking forward to hearing from you!


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