Friday, 3 January 2014

Fraudster Kirsty Cox' 2 year sentence in £450,000 iPad fraud

Today saw the sentencing of Kirsty Cox, a woman who deliberately set out to defraud consumers into paying out for iPad tablet computers, claiming she could get them at a cheaper price than the recommended cost. Between March 2012 and December 2012, she amassed an amount of money from individuals and groups of customers that totalled around £450,000. 

She was a very plausible individual who told people that she had got a contact that could supply iPads but around £50-£100 cheaper than buying from a retailer. Even her own sister-in-law was taken in by her to the point of getting her orders, and believed that this mother of two was to be trusted.

Consumers swindled out of thousands of pounds over a nine month period 

As it turned out, Cox managed to rip off a number of individuals in the run up to Christmas last year and finally this month saw her sentenced to 2 years in prison. For nine months she managed to defraud people of thousands of pounds and here at iRateiSlate we are very glad that she was finally caught and justice has been served. Some would say that the unwary consumer should have known better than to put their faith in a person selling high price goods, without actually seeing a sample for a reduced price. It is hard to resist a bargain and when faced with someone who seems imminently respectable and honest, and let’s face it, wasn’t claiming that much of a reduction then the whole package is particularly tempting

Having a family member vouch for her as well probably would sway quite a lot of people and convince them to hand over their cash. Coming up to Christmas, parents wanting to give this sort of gift to their child obviously leapt at the opportunity, and although we are not told which groups she defrauded, they might have been local charities for example. Kirsty Cox has damaged a lot of people’s lives and she will be in prison for 2 years, during which time she will be separated from her own children. She has been caught and will serve her sentence, but unfortunately there are many more Kirsty Cox’s out there carrying out similar frauds and scams that will see consumers losing out.

Sharing recent and relevant consumer news can put a stop to customer fraud 

This is where we can help to stop these people in their tracks as this is the sort of activity that we want to see put an end to, but we cannot do it alone. Having a platform where you can get in touch and raise any concerns or issues about a trader or service or product, which can be shared on line means we start to get these people and their practices out in the open. The more communication we get, once validated, can be shared online allowing others to make informed buying choices.

So contact us, it’s quick and easy and we’re always listening.


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