Saturday, 12 April 2014

Google Glass goes on sale allowing consumers to make a spectacle of themselves

On April 15 for one day only in the States, we shall be able to purchase for the sum of $1500 or around £894, the latest in wearable technology – the Google goggles or Glass.  UK consumers will have to wait until around May time before getting their hands on this little device which basically puts smartphone capabilities in a tiny screen just in front of your eye. So in future if faced with poor customer service when out shopping, you presumably will be able to film each transaction and then fire off an email to the stores Head Office if you are not happy, before the item has gone into the bag and the receipt handed over to you.

Wink Wink, Say no more!

Apparently you have to lift your head to turn the device on, stroke and tap the side of the frame to work your way through the menu, and along with the video making capabilities, you can then wink your eye to take a picture. Sitting on the bus or in the car or watching people walk along the street, many of them have blue flashing ear pieces attached behind one ear, or seem to be talking to themselves until you spot the wires around their necks.

Now we will be faced, in the future, with stroking and tapping taking place whilst wearing a bizarre piece of headgear that looks like something Joe 90 would have worn (for anyone under the age of 50 feel free to Google or You Tube ). When the winking starts, then please don’t feel offended or pleased, depending on your individual viewpoint, as the person concerned is probably just trying to take a selfie of themselves wearing the new Glass.

Definitely a case of Vision Express!

As a wearer of glasses, I couldn’t work out how this device would fit around my current pair of specs, and even if I did ever think to get myself a Glass (which I often do but it usually comes filled with a cold Sauvignon Blanc) then would I be able to cope with the information overload of tweets, emails and news alerts that would keep popping up out of the corner of my eye. News journalists are trialling them out at present to see if they can be used to take out and about reporting, others are seeing if it can be of benefit to those with impaired sight.
We will have to wait at least a month for developers in the UK to get hold of these items and they will come at a price. Is this something you could see yourself wearing in the future and if so, why would they make your life a lot easier – let us know – we’re listening!


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